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Construction of residental building V - Lamellas V1, V2 and V3 in Novi Sad

Temporary traffic regulation during the works on the E-70 Belgrade-Sid motorway

The main project of traffic guide and informational signs for the city of Belgrade

Redefining and determining the optimal traffic regime and the purpose of traffic areas within the available roadway profiles, through the introduction of a one-way street and slow-traffic zone for the safe and undisturbed development of dynamic and pedestrian traffic while ensuring an optimal number of parking spaces. Spatial and functional arrangement of traffic surfaces has reduced the possibility of improperly parked vehicles, the safety of all participants in the traffic has increased, the flow has improved, and the better operation of public utility services and uninterrupted supply has been made possible, with the aim of better quality of life of residents and visitors.

Project of tourist informative signs in Crmnica and Ostros, Skadar Lake – Montenegro

Airport Nikola Tesla Belgrade, Serbia

Traffic projects for horizontal, vertical and light traffic signalisation for a new platform for de-icing and preventing icing of aircraft

In the Feasibility Study for 2030, we made traffic forecasts and gave a feasibility study on the construction of a parallel runway with the possibility of installing an runway betwin main taxiway and runway as a worse solution

Morava Airport, Kraljevo, Serbia

Technological projects of passenger and cargo terminals, passenger aprons and airport complex.

Main projects of traffic and traffic signalization.

Turkmenabat Airport in Turkmenistan - traffic technology for infrastructure objects

Turkmenabat Airport in Turkmenistan: VIP terminal - technological and architectural projects

Europrojekt Inžinjering doo